1. Sponge cake:
  2. n.1 pouch of sponge cake mix
  3. 250ml water
  4. Crème patissèrie:
  5. n.1 pouch of crème patissèrie mix
  6. 1l milk
  7. Chocolate crème patissèrie:
  8. 100g chocolate topping or gianduja cream
  9. Alchermes syrup:
  10. 200ml water
  11. 100g sugar
  12. 100g alchermes
  13. Meringue:
  14. 100g albumen
  15. 200g sugar

  • In a mixer, add the water with the sponge cake mix and whisk at medium speed for 4 minutes. Place in a 24cm cake tin and cook at 160° for at about 25 minutes.
    Prepare the crème patissèrie by blending the ingredients with an immersion mixer and divide it in two parts. One of them have to be flavored with chocolate, adding chocolate topping or gianduja cream (for half a dose we recommend 100g of chocolate). Boil water and sugar in a pot, turn off and add the alchermes.
    Prepare the dessert by wetting layers of sponge cake with cold alchermes syrup, alternating layers of cream and sponge cake and layers of chocolate cream. Close the last layer with the sponge cake. Garnish with whipped cream or whipped classic raw meringue using a sac à poche and burnt with a pastry tube.