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DIVA System

After a few years of development with a pool of industrial suppliers, Demetra implemented in 2018 an innovative cooking and packaging system, industrial certificate 4.0, which bears the name /DIVA System/, an acronym for Direct Injection/Vacuum Cooking/All in One. It represents a new standard in the selection, cooking and packaging ingredient processes since, regardless of the hygienic-sanitary aspect, it is able to bring in the kitchens of its customers products that keep the appearance, color and fragrance as much as possible of fresh materials collected by farmers in the fields. A further demonstration of why Demetra often combines the claim "pleasure right down to the last ingredient" with its brand.


DIVA System combines vacuum cooking with direct injection of steam. Compared to the traditional systems it allows:‚Äč

  • cooking at Low Temperature to maintain the fragrance of raw materials.

  • reducing the amount of oxygen in contact with the product avoiding oxidation and therefore the deterioration of the color and food taste.

  • minimizing the dispersion of the natural fragrances of fresh raw materials to the outside keeping them inside the preparation ready to be packaged.


Starting from the meticulous cutting of the ingredients, the All-in-one System reduce the handling of the product during all processing phases avoiding additional thermal and mechanical stresses.

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