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The excellence of Demetra products and the great love for cooking of chefs in the APCI – Association of Professional Italian Chefs, come together in something that is neither a recipe book nor any other kind of book: Signature interpretations is a hymn to the values of quality.


On Tuesday 12 March 2013, the MEF – Museum-Home Enzo Ferrari – in Modena hosted presentation of this prestigious book, followed by a lunchtime tasting of recipes taken from this Demetra publication, written by a delegation of the APCI author Chefs.



by Davide Pini

When composing a big piece of music, the skill of the composers interprets the value of every note that is distributed harmoniously on the stave. In the same way, Chefs in the Association of Professional Italian Chefs interpret the high value of Demetra ingredients, skilfully combining them to make unique creations. This melodious harmony is what you will find over the following pages, a celebration of the successful union between a company that prioritises quality above all else and a team of Chefs with a common denominator: love for cooking. Every ingredient playing major role in this exclusive symphony has been selected by Demetra, starting with harvesting locations through to final packaging and is interpreted, with due respect, by the hands and minds of some of the most prominent cookery artists Italy can boast. It is neither a recipe book, therefore, nor any other kind of book: “Interpretazioni d’autore” intends to be a hymn to the values of quality. And I am very proud to be able to invite you to dream with me, savouring this work of love.



Click here to browse this prestigious Demetra book and find out all about the APCI authors.



Want to experience the excitement of the presentation of “Interpretazioni d’autore”? Check out the video:


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