New 2020 Demetra Products

What's NEW today?

The new year starts brilliant also thanks to the new Demetra food specialties.
For a Spanish touch to the menu, Demetra offers among the 2020 new entries, the gazpacho, the typical soup based on tomatoes, chilli and cucumber, ideal to be enjoyed cold as an appetizer. For an American flavour, the Pulled pork, strips of meat pork flavoured and cooked slowly as per tradition, served in a sandwich with a side dish of coleslaw and bbq sauce, will allow you to immediately feel in USA.
Totally Italian are the recipe for ragù alla bolognese prepared with only beef meat and the recipe of pesto of Avola almonds from Sicily, excellent for gourmet pizzas, but also delicious courses and fish dishes. A touch of Sicily is also in the new caponata recipe, with fried eggplants, a traditional ingredient, and if you close your eyes, after a spoonful of fresh citrus fruits sorbet or a slice of cake or a dessert enriched with Demetra citrus cream, you feel immediately in this beautiful island.
Among those new products we suggest to taste the new version of capperberries, now available even in sunflower oil.

But attention please, the news are not over ...

For any advice on combinations or uses, do not hesitate to contact our Chefs from Demetra Food Academy at the e-mail address