Chocolate cake with zabaione sauce

Ingredients for 12 dessert
  1. 1 pouch Chocolate Cake Mix
  2. 240g Zabaione Topping
  3. 40g Peanut Oil
  4. 225ml milk
  5. 100g butter
  6. 100g chocolate fondant
  7. q.s. Aztec Gold
  8. q.s. Spray-On Oil, Neutral Flavour

  • Mix the contents of the sachet with the milk, softened butter and peanut oil until smooth. Do not over-whisk. Oil the cake tins, pour in the mixture and bake in a preheated oven at 160°C for around 25 minutes, depending on size.

  • Melt the chocolate, spread, sprinkle with Aztec gold and decorate as desired.

  • Serve the cake with the chocolate wafer and the zabaione filling.