Creme Caramel with raspberry sauce and vanilla

Ingredients for 2 servings

1 pack of mix of DemetraCreme Caramel
1l milk
Caramel topping Demetra
1 vanilla bean
raspberry sauce


Prepare the Cr���������������¨me Caramel according to the recipe, add the vanilla bean, pour the caramel topping on the bottom the individual moulds and pour in the mix,
finally, place in the refrigerator to cool.
Recipe for raspberry sauce:
Ingredients: 100g sugar, 2 dl water, 200g Demetra raspberries.
Prepare a syrup of water and sugar, when it starts boiling, add the raspberries, blend it all and sift it by means of a strainer, finally cool off in the refrigerator.
How to prepare the dish:
Turn out the cream on the plate, pour the raspberry sauce and place the vanilla bean and the confectioners�������¢���������������� sugar on top of it.