Linguine with beans, cheek lar and pecorino

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. 320g linguine
  2. 160g Broad Beans Cream
  3. 100g cheek lard
  4. 40g grated pecorino cheese
  5. q.s. fresh broad beans to taste
  6. q.s. Mixed Pepper, Coarsely Ground
  7. q.s. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  8. q.s. Sea Salt Flakes
  9. q.s. Black Pepper, Ground

  • Cook the linguine in plenty of salted water.

  • Separately in a pan brown the cheek lard into large pieces, add the cream and the fresh shelled broad beans.

  • Drain the pasta, add it to the sauce and, after having repeatedly sautéed it, serve still steaming, decorating it with grated pecorino cheese and pepper.