Marinated Seabass

Ingredients for 4 persons
  1. 400g skinned and shorn sea bass
  2. 15g cane sugar
  3. 100g Red Cabbage Sauce
  4. 12 Sweet And Sour Red Pepper Drops
  5. 50g Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  6. 25g Himalayan Salt Pure
  7. 5g Umami N.1
  8. 10g Acetoplus Citrus Fruits
  9. q.s. Szechuan Pepper, Whole
  10. q.s. sakura mix

  • Place the sea bass in a vacuum bag with the cabbage sauce, salt sugar and five crushed Sichuan berries.

  • Seal and marinate for twelve hours. Prepare the vinegrette mixing umami, citrus fruit dressing citrus fruit dressing and extra virgin olive oil.

  • Arrange the escalloped sea bass on the plate, lightly oil it and combine sakura mix and pepper drops dressed with the vinegrette.

  • Garnish with berries of Sichuan pepper.