Ingredients for 4 portions

n.4 bigné
n.1 Demetra semifreddo-mix neutral base
1l fresh cream unsweetened
50g Demetra pistachio nuts cream
50g Demetra gianduia cream
50g Demetra wildberries topping
50g Demetra hazelnuts cream
Demetra toppings
q.s. fresh fruit


In a kneading machine, or in a bowl, beat until stiff the cream and the semifreddo neutral base bag.
Once ready, divide the mixture into four parts and flavour each of them with a different taste (gianduia, wildberries, hazelnuts and pistachio nuts). Take the 4 ready-made bigné, make a small hole in the bottom and fill them with the 4 flavours using a sac a poche with a small nozzle.
Freeze them or put in the refrigerator and serve whole or cut showing the colurs and garnish with fresh frut and toppings.