Roast octopus salad with “zingara” mixed vegetables and potatoes

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. 400g octopus
  2. 300g Mixed Vegetables in Sunflower Oil "Alla Zingara"
  3. 100g potatoes, boiled and cubed
  4. rocket
  5. q.s. basil
  6. q.s. parsley
  7. q.s. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  8. q.s. Sea Salt Flakes
  9. q.s. Black Pepper, Ground

  • Boil the octopus in plenty of water with the vegetables, salt and white wine.

  • When cooked, cut into large chunks and sear them in a frying pan with seasoning.

  • Put the vegetables and potatoes in a bowl and dress with the chopped basil and parsley, oil, salt and pepper.

  • Place the rocket on a serving dish, arrange the vegetables and top with the octopus.

  • Garnish to taste and serve.