Demetra Food Academy

Savouring a well-cooked dish is always a pleasure. Whether it’s with the family, in an elegant restaurant, in a pizzeria, or in a pub, a good dish always puts on a great show!

Awareness of this has led Demetra to evolve its product presentation activities, including the creation of Tasting Shows.

Tasting Shows are engaging moments in which the company’s Chef Promoters offer recipes and advice to operators interested in how to best use the ingredients that make up our wide range of products.

Promoted by the relevant Area Manager, such demonstration and training activities of the Food Academy are aimed at both customers and their sales forces. The Food Academy sessions take place in a dedicated facility at our Talamona headquarters, as well as at the premises of our partners and customers.

Agent Courses

These are professional training courses aimed at the Demetra direct sales network and sellers and promoters operating within the distribution network. Professional training courses to improve one’s knowledge of sales techniques, products and kitchen uses.


Product insights

  • concrete and practical
  • simple to understand and apply
  • attentive to food costing
  • oriented to commercial applications

meet the chef

Meet The Chef


  • The fundamentals for knowing and winning over the trust of the customer or chef.
  • The value of every single ingredient and its possible culinary interpretations.


  • Insights aimed at consolidating professional skills.
  • A training experience to increase knowledge of the “tricks of the trade”.


Creative cooking shows able to engage all those working in the Horeca world and dedicated to quality and good service. Taking part in a Demetra Cooking Show allows you to broaden your knowledge and hone your skills in an engaging and extremely practical training context.


cooking show



A show dedicated to cutting-edge chefs and managers.

Ingredients and processes designed to promote a FAST-oriented work organisation. Recipes capable of supporting an increasingly TRENDY menu.


A show for those who have meat at the centre of their offering.

Transforming a piece of meat into a tasty and delicious dish, playing and provoking on the balance between a noble raw material and fine seasonings that enhance its flavour.


A show dedicated to gourmet pizza lovers.

Good pizza is not just a mix of oven, yeast and flour. Stuffing and topping a pizza is not an art of creativity alone, but must respect strict taste balances.


A show aimed at those who want to offer a winning dessert.

To guarantee a successful dessert made with simple processes and in a short time. The WOW effect sought at the meeting point of method and creativity.

The tutors

All Food Academy events are coordinated by a team of skilled specialists who are well-established on the international scene, and able to support anyone who wants to raise their professionalism to a higher level.



Mattia Mottarella

Chef Promoter

Young and dynamic chef with different experiences in catering kitchens and estimated hotels, has developed a consolidated experience in the organization of banquets for greats events. His experience in the kitchen led him to manage an entire brigade of an important starred restaurant in Valtellina, his homeland. He is the core figure at the Demetra Food Academy.


Marcello Franzini

Chef Promoter

Young chef trained at the prestigious Alma di Colorno (Pr), the international schoolod Italian Cuisine by Gualtiero Marchesi. The attentiond to the detail in the culinary art has been put into practice in some professional experiences, including a renowned Valtellina starred restaurant, his native land. At the end of 2018, her resourcefulness and desire to explore new activities motivated him to join the Demetra Food Academy team.


Gaia Ercoli

Meat Chef Specialist

Young chef, graduated in archeology, she grew up in the family butcher shop where she developed a thorough knowledge on meat and its processing. In his work she shares the thought of the French writer Daniel Pennac that says «It works in the kitchen as in the most beautiful artworks: you don't know anything about a dish as long as you ignore the intention that gave birth to it.».


Gianni Calaon

Pizza Chef

2010 “Pizza Classica” and 2013 “Pizza in Pala” world champion, he is an instructor at the Accademia Pizzaioli. “I am passionate about creating pizzas with unique flavour, combining exclusive ingredients”, says Gianni Calaon, who loves to follow his creations from preparation of the dough through to final presentation with attention paid to the finest details.


Eduardo Siloniz

Chef Promoter

A dynamic and skilled chef, famous in the Cádiz province. He studied at the Escuela de Hostelería in Cádiz and developed his knowledge through significant experiences in Michelin starred restaurants in Barcelona. Since 2001 he is the owner of El Laúl Vinos y Tapas and since 2005 also chef and owner of the restaurant El Laúl in Puerto de Santa María. Since 2019 he is part of the Demetra Food Academy team for the Iberian peninsula.


Davide Pini

Marketing Coach

Expert communicator, a serious professional ever attentive to market changes, he works in marketing for the food service sector. He set up the “Gastromarketing” movement, with which he follows the entire food service world, training and informing all the operators in ‘food outside the home’. His participation in a huge number of international fairs and experience gained from the many articles he has written for specialist magazines, make him the right person to provide tangible tools for improving daily work.


The excellence of Demetra products meets the great love of cooking of the chefs of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI) in a project that can neither be properly defined as a cookbook, nor even a book. ‘Interpretazioni d’autore’ (‘Artistic interpretations’) is, rather, a hymn to the values of quality.

Introduction to the book by Davide Pini

In a great musical creation, the mastery of the composer interprets the value of each note distributed in perfect harmony across the musical staff. Likewise, the Chefs of the Professional Association of Italian Chefs (APCI) have interpreted the high value of Demetra products and used them to masterfully create unique works of art and taste.

This melodious harmony of notes is what you will encounter in the following pages, which celebrate a happy coming together of a company that makes quality its primary value and a team of chefs who share the same love of cooking. Each and every starring ingredient of this exclusive symphony has been carefully selected and prepared by Demetra, from its place of origin up to its final packaging, and is interpreted, with all due respect, by the skilful hands and knowledgeable minds of some of the most decorated cooking artists Italy can boast. Thus, neither a cookbook, nor a book, ‘Interpretazioni d’autore’ (‘Artistic interpretations’) is intended as a hymn to the values of quality. It is with profound pride that I invite you to dream with me, and savour this work of love.

Do you want to relive the emotion of the presentation of ‘Interpretazioni d’autore’ (‘Artistic interpretations’)? Watch the video of the event