2020's Products Preview

The new Demetra products in autumn

2020 is in a hurry to arrive!
In Autumn, Demetra and Wiberg preview 4 specialties ready to be discovered.
Demetra starts with the Italian recipe Bagna cauda, from Piemonte Region, based on anchovies, with a unique flavour ideal for unseasoned dishes or raw and cooked vegetables or for main courses with meat.
Among the products launched in this October, the tomato triumphs both in a yellow version, with a creamy puree of 100% Italian yellow datterino tomatoes from the Piana del Sele of the Campania Region, and in the red version with tomatoes, unpeeled, mid-dried, lightly flavoured, 100% from Puglia Region, similar to pearls that are ideal for pasta dishes and delicious pizzas. Red is also the colour of the San Marzano peeled tomatoes now available in tin format 2500g; Italian tomatoes with a characteristic elongated shape and unique balanced sweet and sour taste, ideal for all recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine.

For interesting applications of Demetra products download here Appunti di Gusto (Italian version)