A charity-dinner with Demetra and Wiberg

TASTE for GOOD with APCI and PaLiNUro Association

We are proud to have joined the charity-dinner organized by APCI, TASTE for GOOD, for the projects carried out by the PaLiNUro Association to support patients suffering from urothelial neoplasms.
The dinner was held in the prestigious Palazzo Bovara, a historic location in the heart of the city of Milan, in the name of solidarity and cuisine by the national team of APCI chefs (Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani), who have chosen to use also Demetra and Wiberg products to create a high-level tasting menu, explained to guests through their interventions, in an emotional context.
A stop of the Il Giro d'Italia APCI in which the kitchen with a capital "K" and solidarity joined together to contribute to a concrete support project.
Why do not look beyond?!

Video of the event (click here)