New 2021 Demetra Products

What's NEW today?

Demetra did not stop even during 2020, an atypical year that will remain in history, to create new products in 2021 in addition to the last October's preview (click here to review the products).
The first novelty for 2021 is the sweet and sour vegetable salad "Giardiniera" made from yellow and red peppers, carrots, fennel and cauliflower processed in season, to be enjoyed as a side dish combined with cured meats, boiled meat and baked fish. It is ideal for stuffing mixed salads or as an aperitif.
The Ragù "di Corte" is another novelty, prepared according to a typical recipe without tomato and made up of 100% Italian duck, hen and guinea fowl meat freshly sautéed. Ideal for seasoning and filling first courses and it can also be used for the preparation of tasty pizzas, bruschetta and croutons.


The innovative CREM-A-POCHE line as a new flavour: the slightly spicy cream of turnip tops "friarielli", ideal for filling pizzas and sandwiches and excellent for first courses.
See more about this high quality ready-to-use creams line preserved in innovative bags with an exclusive design on the website.

For any advice on combinations or how to use the products, contact our Chefs of the Demetra Food Academy or