Chestnut loaf cake

Author: APCI - Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani


for the chestnut loaf cake

  1. 270g butter
  2. 220g icing sugar
  3. 30g egg whites
  4. 100g whole eggs
  5. 360g strong flour
  6. 140g whole milk
  7. 10g baking powder
  8. 700g Chestnuts Cream
  9. 35g rum

for the chestnut filling

  1. 200g Chestnuts Cream
  2. 40g sugar
  3. 20g rum

assembling the cake

  1. Chestnuts In Syrup

for the cake

  • Beat the butter and icing sugar in a planetary beater.

  • Gradually add the whole eggs and the whites, a little at a time.

  • Sieve in the flour and baking powder.

  • Drizzle in the milk, add the Demetra creamed chestnuts and the rum.

for the filling

  • Mix the creamed chestnuts with the rum and the sugar. Fill mini half-circle silicone moulds with the cream and put in a blast chiller.

assembling the cake

  • Use an icing bag to half fill half-circle silicone moulds with the cake mixture.

  • Place the still-frozen chestnut filling on top and continue filling until three-quarters full.

  • Bake at 200°C for about 15 minutes, then turn up to 170°C for about 12 more minutes.

  • Turn out of the moulds and arrange on the plate. Decorate.