Chestnut loaf cake


For the chestnut loaf cake:

  • 270g butter

  • 220g icing sugar

  • 30g egg whites

  • 100g whole eggs

  • 250g strong flour

  • 140g whole milk

  • 10g baking powder

  • 700g Demetra creamed chestnuts

  • 35g rum

For the chestnut filling:

  • 200g Demetra creamed chestnuts

  • 40g sugar

  • 20g rum


For the cake:

Beat the butter and icing sugar in a planetary beater.
Gradually add the whole eggs and the whites, a little at a time.
Sieve in the flour and baking powder.
Drizzle in the milk, add the Demetra creamed chestnuts and the rum.

For the filling:

Mix the creamed chestnuts with the rum and the sugar. Fill mini half-circle silicone moulds with the cream and put in a blast chiller.

Assembling the cake:

Use an icing bag to half fill half-circle silicone moulds with the cake mixture.
Place the still-frozen chestnut filling on top and continue filling until three-quarters full.
Bake at 200°C for about 15 minutes, then turn up to 170°C for about 12 more minutes.
Turn out of the moulds and arrange on the plate. Decorate..