Conca d’oro piquillo pepper pocket with soused swordfish and anchovies on broad bean mash

Ingredients for 4 portions
  • 300g Demetra Piquillo peppers

  • 400g swordfish from the strait of Messina

  • 200g boned anchovies

  • 2 bunches of shallots

  • salt

  • extra virgin olive oil from Castelvetrano

  • a few fennel seeds

  • 1 glass white vinegar

  • 120g sugar

  • 1kg broad beans from Godrano


Wash and carefully dry 8 Demetra piquillo pepper pockets. Cut the swordfish into chunks and put in a large bowl with the anchovies.
Add salt, pepper, a drizzle of vinegar and some fennel seeds.
Cut the shallots into rings and put in a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil.
Soften with the vinegar and caramelise.
After lightly marinating the fish, drain and lay on a cloth.
Coat in the flour and fry in extra virgin olive oil until good and crunchy.
Add the shallots to the fish and stir.
Cool until tepid and use to fill the pepper pockets.

To serve:

Boil the beans until cooked.
Remove the skins and squash with a fork. Arrange a bed of bean mash on each plate and place two pockets on each, drizzling with extra virgin olive oil from Castelvetrano.