Crema catalana Remix

Ingredients for 10 personas
  1. 1 pouch Crema Catalana Mix
  2. 500g whole milk
  3. 500g unsweetened whipping cream
  4. 100g sugar
  5. 40g wáter
  6. 100g Braulio
  7. q.s. Fruits and Petals Mix for Decoration
  8. q.s. Pistachio Nuts, Shelled
  9. q.s. dark chocolate 80%

  • With the help of an immersion blender, blend the well-cold cream and milk with the pouch of crema catalana for about one minute until a well-structured consistency.

  • Pour into the cup of your choice and place in the refrigerator for at least three hours.

  • To prepare the sauce, bring the sugar and water above 121 degrees, to desired colour, carefully add the boiling Braulio and return on the heat until the caramel is complete, allow to cool.

  • Assemble the dessert with a spiral of Braulio caramel, the coarsely chopped pistachios coarsely chopped pistachios and dark chocolate chips.

  • Garnish with the mix of flowers and fruits.