Millefeuille of almond brittle, tiramisù and raspberries

Ingredients for 15 dessert
  1. 540g Almond Brittle Mix
  2. 1 pouch Tiramisù Mix
  3. 580g Whole Raspberries
  4. 500g whole milk
  5. 500g fresh whipped cream

  • Spread a half centimetre layer of the almond brittle on a sheet paper using 8cm squares and bake at 180 degrees for about five minutes, until the colour is a nice light brown.

  • Using a planetary mixer, whip the milk and cream with the tiramisu mix bag until you obtain a thick, structured cream.

  • Leave to cool for a few hours in the fridge, then place the cream in a piping bag and assemble the millefeuille, alternating the crisp, the tiramisu cream and the raspberries in syrup.

  • Garnish as desired.