Orange marinated Salmon with chicory hearts pine nut and raisins

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. 200g fresh salmon
  2. 120g Chicory Hearts in Sunflower Oil
  3. q.s. Acetoplus Citrus Fruits
  4. q.s. Himalayan Salt Pure
  5. q.s. Pink Pepper, Dried, Whole
  6. q.s. pine nut and raisins

  • Cut the salmon in slices and let it marinate with pink salt, pink pepper and citrus oil for 10 minutes.

  • Create a sauce with citrus oil gomasium until thick enough.

  • Lay the sliced salmon and garnish with tosted pine nuts, raisins, chicory and crispy gomasium.

  • Add the sauce on top previously prepared.