Pizza with stracciatella, cantabrian sea anchovy fillets and caperberries

Ingredients for 1 pizza
  1. 80g Chopped Tomatoes
  2. 30g stracciatella cheese
  3. q.s. valerian saldad
  4. 5 fillets Cantabrian Sea Anchovies Fillets in Olive Oil
  5. 5 Capperberries in Sunflower Oil
  6. q.s. filtering of anchovies
  7. q.s. spherification of anchovies
  8. q.s. extra virgin olive oil
  9. q.s. Garlic, Granules
  10. q.s. Chilis, Coarsely Ground
  11. q.s. Oregano, Dried

  • Season the chopped tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil, granulated garlic and coarsely ground chili.

  • Top the pizza disk with the tomato and cook in the oven.

  • Once cooked, garnish with the remainder ingredients.