Shrimps with guacamole, red pepper drops and hibisco-chili vinegar cream

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. 12 red prawns
  2. 1 mixed salad
  3. 40 Sweet And Sour Red Pepper Drops
  4. 120g Guacamole Sauce
  5. q.s. Crema Di Aceto Hibiscus-Chili
  6. q.s. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  7. q.s. salt

  • Clean the prawns from the carapace and from the intestine leaving only the tails, cook them in a pan with a little oil one minute per side.

  • On a cold plate, create a small heap in the centre with the salad seasoned with oil and salt and the peppers drops, lay the prawns and finish with the vinegar sauce and guacamole.