Tiramifruit Remix

Ingredients for 10 persons
  1. 1 sachet Tiramisù Mix
  2. 500g unsweetened cream
  3. 500g milk
  4. 200g sugar
  5. 75g water
  6. 5g Himalayan Salt Pure
  7. 80g chocolate
  8. q.s. Mixed Berries "Mix Noir"
  9. q.s. savoiardi

  • With the help of a planetary mixer, whip milk and cream, preferably 30% fat content with the pouch of tiramisu mix until a well-whipped mixture.

  • Prepare the tiramisu in the classic way by using the syrup from the mix noir syrup instead of the classic coffee and placing the berries on top the tiramisu cream in each layer.

  • Serve with the chocolate sand, fresh berries and the wafer flavoured with cardamom.