Cod salad on a bed of Antipasto Valtellina and citrus fruits

Ingredients for 4 portions
  • 400g fresh cod

  • 320g Demetra Antipasto Valtellina

  • salt, pepper and oil

  • 1 grapefruit

  • 1 orange

  • balsamic vinegar

  • parsley

  • chives


Steam the cod for about 10 minutes.
Leave to rest, then break into pieces, removing skin and bones. Meanwhile, thoroughly drain and dry the antipasto Valtellina and arrange on the plate. Break up the cod in a bowl and toss with the segmented grapefruit and orange. Garnish with the grapefruit and orange rind, previously cut into julienne, and vinaigrette made from balsamic vinegar and orange juice. Sprinkle with parsley and chives and serve.