"Coniglio porchettato in giardino"

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. n.1 Deboned rabbit
  2. 300g Mixed Vegetables "Giardinetto"
  3. 10g Lamb, Seasoning Salt
  4. 30g Wild Fennel Pesto
  5. q.s. Garlic, Granules

For the sauce

  1. 80g Mayonnaise
  2. 20g Wild Fennel Pesto

  • Lay the rabbit wide open, sprinkle with lamb seasoning salt, garlic flavour it with wild fennel pesto.

  • Seal the meat and sew with kitchen twine.

  • Cook at 150 degrees until the inside reaches 65 degrees.

  • Mix mayo and wild fennel pesto untill having a smooth sauce.

  • In a hot plate put the sauce in the center, the rabbit cilinders and the roasted vegs. Garnish with flowers mix.