Hummus and veggie dip

Ingredients for 4 portions
  1. 300g Hummus
  2. q.s. Chickpeas
  3. q.s. celery
  4. q.s. carrots
  5. q.s. Pepper Fillets in Sunflower Oil
  6. q.s. cucumbers
  7. q.s. fennel
  8. q.s. Quartered Artichokes al Naturale
  9. 4 radishes
  10. 12 small tomatoes
  11. q.s. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

  • Clean and cut all the vegetables in sticks.

  • With a spoon fill up 4 small bowls of hummus, garnish with chickpeas and extra virgin olive oil, after arranging the vegetables and serve.